Who are we?

About Eco Toy Co - Family photo

Hello, we are Carol and Alex. Two average parents from Cardiff, raising two exceptional children and one exceptionally curly little dog, called Ted.


About Eco Toy Co - Family photo

Our virtual doors opened in November 2020 and since then we’ve been building a brilliant collection of sustainably made toys and play ideas.

Being helpful and operating with integrity are very important to us. We want you to be confident that the toys you’re investing in are right for your child and are from the best makers in the world, that are taking sustainability seriously.

Why are we here?

For the planet – Choosing toys for your child shouldn’t feel like a moral dilemma

The toys you’ll find in our store have minimal impact on the environment and are packed full of fun for your child.
Being clear about the materials, packaging and origins of our toys is important, you should know that what you’re giving to your child is safe, sustainable and comes from an ethical supply chain. We list this information on each toy’s page.


For a purpose – No more mountains of unplayed with toys

Having simple play suggestions from real parents and caregivers can help massively when you’re stuck for ideas, that’s why you’ll find ‘Ways to Play’ sections on many of our pages. We regularly send out free printable activity packs and ideas – if you’d like to receive them then sign up here.


For people – Say no to shopping based on gender!

Children should be free to play with the toys they get the most from. You won’t find ‘Toys for girls’ and ‘Toy for boys’ sections. The toys we offer can be enjoyed irrespective of gender. In 2021 & 2022 we have been awarded a Good Practice Award by ‘Let Toys be Toys’, a campaign to stop the marketing of toys based on gender.

Let Toys Be Toys Award

 “We are very pleased to re-award Eco Toy Co with the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark for good practice. Congratulations!”
Let Toys be Toys

Who we work with matters

These are some of the awesome eco toy makers we stock…

Janod – In 2020 Janod made a commitment to optimise their activities and products in order to preserve the environment. In 2021 they launched a new range of sustainable toys in partnership with WWF®. They are adjusting all toy packaging to use less plastic and are improving other processes across their business. Read more here.

Play Press – This independent UK brand only use board from certified sustainable forests and inks that are vegan and ocean-friendly. We love Play Press, they produce quality, eco-friendly toys that are affordable.

Tender Leaf Toys – Tender Leaf Toys are a UK company. They spend around 2 months a year working closely with their family-run factory in Indonesia and work with the Eden project, one of the most successful replanting programmes in the world.

Lanka Kade – Pioneers in fair trade practices. They produce affordable and ethnically diverse wooden toys and figures.

Dr Zigs – Fellow Welsh company Dr Zigs have been making the best, non-toxic bubbles in the business, since 2011. Supporting local makers and manufacturers is not just good for the UK economy, but it’s far better for the planet. The bubbles only have to ‘float’ about 180 miles from Dr Zigs home in Bangor to Eco Toy Co HQ in Cardiff.

Our bundles – Learning from the amazing brands we stock, we started to create Eco Toy Bundles. Designed to offer affordable, eco-friendly toy sets and give you a taster for alternative toys, like loose parts. We keep packaging to an absolute minimum, using organic, compostable cotton bags to keep your bundle together.

Want to know more about…?


Each toy we sell meet all standards and regulations in place for toy manufacturers. Some carry the European CE mark and other the new UKCA mark. You can find the safety standard information and recommended age listed on each toy’s product page and on the items themselves. This means you can rest assured that the toys you put in you child’s hands are suitable and safe.


Many of the toys we sell are made from bamboo or rubber wood. Rubber wood comes from trees that have been grown and harvested for rubber. The trees are cleared, the wood used and new trees planted. The fast growing nature of both bamboo (can grow to full size in 3-4 months) and rubber trees make them both highly sustainable sources of wood.

Where are other woods are used many are from certified sustainable forests. These forests are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.

Paint is not something we might instantly think of as being harmful to the environment, but it’s a contributing factor to the build up of micro plastic in our water ways and oceans. Natural dyes, inks and pigments are used in the production of the majority of the toys we stock. These paints and dyes are not only safer for the environment but also for your child.


When we pack up your lovely toys, we only use recyclable packaging, check out our ‘Packaging Promise‘ for more details. Some toys arrive from manufacturers in a small amount of plastic, thankfully this is lessening, but if it does we list this on the product’s page.

How can we help you?

We want to help you find the best toys and play ideas for your children

If you need any help buying a toy for your child or a gift, but not sure what to get – then we would love to help you out. Send us an email through the form below with some details and we’d be happy to suggest something perfect for you.

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