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Big Christmas Present Ideas

The best looking toy garages

Large Toy Garage – Moulin Roty
3+ years


This large wooden toy garage is a retro-designed multi-story, with a working lift to take cars up and two curved ramps for them to speed back down again. It comes with cars, pumps and lots of other bits to bring it to life.

image shows a large toy garage and close up of a car lift
Moulin Roty – Large Toy Garage – £99

Gas Station – Moulin Roty
3+ years

Equally trendy as its big sister garage, this Gas Station is perfect for those a little shorter on space and will offer just as much joy.

image shows a toy gas station
Mouin Roty – Gas Station – £49

Vehicle Play Set – QToys
3+ years

More than just a box of cars, the box itself can be turned on its side and used as a garage, with the wooden arch to act as a ramp. These all-natural cars are a delight to hold and play with. If only real garages looked as cool as these.

image shows a set of toy wooden vehicles
QToys – Wooden Vehicle Set – £59.99

Building blocks with a difference

Bamboo Building Set – QToys
2+ years

A truly unique and naturally beautiful set of different sized, thick bamboo and solid acacia wood bases, houses, roofs and ladders. The pieces can be used to build all sorts of structures, but can also be used with sensory bases and are great for open-ended play. This lovely set comes in its own calico storage sack.

image shows a child playing with a bamboo building set
QToys – Bamboo Building Set – £59.99

Sensory Block Set – TickiT
1+ years

A brilliant block set for lots of ages. Babies and toddlers will enjoy exploring the different sounds and colours of the blocks, whilst older children will have fun stacking and creating colourful structures.

image shows child playing with sensory blocks and a stack of sensory blocks
TickiT – Sensory Block Set – £49.99

A Collector’s item

Dinosaur Shelf Tender Leaf
3+ years

The perfect collection for all those dino fans. Eight popular dinosaurs are included. The tailor-made shelf is not only a neat way to display your collection but also can be used to match the dinosaurs to their skeleton structures, as each compartment has its skeleton printed inside.

image shows a child playing with dinosaurs on a shelf
Tender Leaf – Dinosaur Shelf – £49.99

Sail away with animal friends

Wooden Noah’s ArkLanka Kade
3+ years

A handcrafted boat, that comes with 18 wooden figures. The roof, boathouse, deck, ramp and ladder are all removable, making this a very versatile boat.

image shows a wooden ark with animals in a living room
Lanka Kade – Wooden Noah’s Ark – £74.99

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