Easter Egg Hunt

child on an easter egg hunt

Clue 1

The Easter bunny hops up, down and all around. Somewhere cold is where your first treat can be found.

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Clue 2

Chicks hatch from eggs when they are ready. Follow this clue to a fluffy _____.

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Well done for finding this clue! You’ll find the next treat inside someone’s ____.

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Clue 4

A little chick told me you like chocolate eggs. Look carefully for something with four legs.

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Clue 5

To find the next treat follow your nose. Where do you put all your dirty clothes?

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Laundry basket

Clue 6

Search high and low, inside and under you must look, you might find a treat somewhere near a book.

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Book shelf

Clue 7

Go to the place where you rest your head. The next treat might be sleeping in your ___.

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Clue 8

Some clues can be tricky and make you think. Perhaps it’s time to pause for a drink.

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Child's cup

Clue 9

Too many chocolates can be bad for your health. Look for your next surprise up on a _____.

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Clue 10

You’ve found so many treats, what a winner! You might find one more where you sit for dinner.

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Dinner table

Well done!

You found all the eggs!

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