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Hello Janod

Janod toys combine classic designs with a modern twist, from the retro magnetic rocket that to the flashing old-school camera.

It all started in 1970’s France, with some wooden yo-yos and spinning tops, that were designed and built by Louis Janod. Skip ahead some decades and they are now one of the most loved toy brands by families across Europe.

These are 5 reasons we love Janod:

1. Committed to social and environmental change – They’ve made a huge commitment to optimise their activities and products in order to preserve the environment. This year Janod launched a new range of sustainable toys in partnership with WWF. They are adjusting all toy packaging to use less plastic and are improving other processes across their business*.

WWF Pull Along Turtle

2. Super fun toys that are educational – Take the DIY Fire Truck, it’s not only a beautifully designed fire engine but great fun to take apart and put together again, allowing children to develop their problem-solving skills and work on their fine motor skills.

Boy playing with Story Farm Set

3. Something for every budget – Sustainable toys often cost a lot more, but with Janod they have a wide range to suit all budgets. You can get a lovely little farm for just under a tenner, for small world farm play, and this sound and light-up camera for £12.99.

Wooden Sound Camera

4. Supportive of small businesses – Janod has been supportive of us from day one. Many other toy brands refuse to work with small independent stores or demand high minimum orders that price us out of the game.  We’re so thankful that we’re able to offer you their wonderful products.

Small Magnetic Rocket

5. You can get hold of spare parts – So should little bits go walkabout, as they so often do, or should the dog mistake something for its chew toy (this has happened a lot in our house) you can get a replacement part. How great is that? Let’s extend the life cycle of these toys even further.

Fire Truck Parts

* If you’d like to learn more about Janod’s promise to the environment check out Play for Change

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