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Our Eco Credentials

We’re called Eco Toy Co, so naturally you’d expect us to be at least a little bit conscious about our eco friendly credentials.  We’ve done a lot of research to make sure everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible, right the way through the supply chain.

Our Products / Manufacturers

All of our toys are made from primeraly wood, paper or another recycleable material.  A small aamount of our toys do contain plastic and while this isn’t ideal, plastic is a highly durable material which allows for some sensory elements of certain toys to work as they should.  The educational and developmental aspects of these toys are fantastic for children and while the use of plastic isn’t ideal – as soon as a suitable alternative producct becomes available which doesn’t use plastic – we will stock that.

All wood is not made equal however, and this is something we’ve also paid close attention to.  The vast majority of our. toys which are made from wood come with FSC certificcation, some do not however and that’s why we’re partnering with <<>> to re-plant and replace trees that have been cut down to make toys.

Our Packaging

All of our packaging is sourced from responsible supliers of recycled cardboard boxes.  We don’t use any plastic packaging to fill the boxes, all of our boxes are filled with Wood Wool, a commonly used packing material which helps keep products safe and also naturally bio degrades.

Some of the packages come in from our. suppliers wraped in plastic, and we’re talking to them. about how they can cut this down as much as possible.  Wherever we can we remove the plastic wrap from the products before they are sent out to you and recycle it or responsibly dispose of. it to prevent it from ending up in the oceans.

Our Delivery Company

We. ship all of our small and medium packages. through Royal Mail.  We’ve. investigated a number of delivery companies and like the way Royal Mail. have laid out their policy to be carbon neutral.  Logistically it also makes sense for us, because of the location. of. our distribution center and. it’s close proximity to a. Royal Mail sorting office, your package is travelling the shortest possible distance before being. shipped. On the other end of. things, the package will. be delivered with your regular post –  which means the final mile transportation is minimal.

For larger parcels we ship using DHL – who have also set out a comprehensive environmental policy.

Our Other Suppliers


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