Presents for baby

It might be your first child, or you might be buying for a friend – but we’ve been there too – what do I buy for a baby?! It’s hard because for the first six months they mostly sleep and cry, and then when they start being interested in toys they have no preferences on anything so it’s almost impossible to know what to buy. We’ve put together this handy guide for babies – to help you pick out the perfect gift.

Wee Gallery Art Cards

We love these art cards because of their high contrast design which appeal to babies developing eyes. While it’s not exactly a toy (it’s more of an educational resource), we’ve had great fun arranging them in a circle and placing a baby in the middle to encourage pivoting and build core muscles.

TickiT Easy Hold Mirror

Babies are beautiful – and no one knows this better than a baby. They absolutely love looking at themselves in the mirror so this easy hold mirror from TickiT is a great buy for babies to develop their visual awareness and allow them to practise facial expressions (and dribble a bit all over it). It’s great to place on the floor for tummy time and for baby when they start sitting up.

Janod Panda Stacker

This adorable panda makes an ideal gift for a baby who’s just started to sit up. The high contrast stripes encourage eyesight development and because it stacks a baby will have great fun knocking it down for you to build back up again. Eventually they’ll be able to build it back up themselves so it’s a toy which will last far beyond their first birthday.

Lanka Kade Figures

We can’t really narrow it down to a single figure, so we’re going to say the whole Lanka Kade range is a great choice for a baby. Strictly speaking these are only suited for 10 months plus, but the chunkiness of the figures mean they’re great for a baby to explore with supervision. They come in a range of characters, shapes and sizes which make them perfect for any baby and could be used as part of a themed gift pack.

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