Emotions Magnetic Game

Suitable from 2 years +

  • Emotions Magnetic Game
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Shocked
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Angry
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Laughing
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Crying
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Jealous
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Frightened
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Sick
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Love
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Shy
  • Emotions Magnetic Game Happy


Emotions Magnetic Game

Suitable from 2 years +


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Emotions Magnetic Game is brilliant for helping children start to understand emotions and build up language for expressing themselves.

The wooden board is central to the game, this is where you add one of the 10 different children’s faces, an outfit and an emoji. The game itself can be played in two different ways, firstly you can build up one of the expressions from the ‘Situations from daily life’ card pack using the magnetic pieces, this is perfect for younger children. The more challenging way to play is by looking at the situation side of the cards and working out what emotions the children might express. There is also a mirror on the inside lid of the box to enable children to reproduce and practise the different emotions.

The 10 emotions that this game focusses on are: joy, fear, sadness, anger, embarrassment / shyness, love, disgust, laughter, jealousy, surprise.

We love the illustrations used in this game, they’re both fresh and clearly depict each emotion or situation.

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Materials and care +

Made from Wood and Cardboard.
Packaged in a cardboard box. Pieces wrapped in tissue paper and polythene bags.
Clean with damp cloth.

Peek inside the box +

1 x Wooden Board
10 x Magnetic Faces
10 x Smileys / Emojis
2 x Expression Symbols
5 x Outfits
20 x Situation Cards

Product Specifics +

Box measures: 32 x 4 x 32 cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Wendy Haddock

    Just what I needed to help my daughter understand that there is more than just happy and sad. Brilliant for helping little ones to evaluate the situation and name their feelings accordingly. Lots of fun pulling our own faces in the mirror!!!

    So impressed!

    This game is so much bigger than I thought it would be and much sturdier too! The faces are the size of my hand and the emoji pictures the size of my sons, he is nearly 18 months old and will definitely be able to access parts of this game, using the mirror in the box and copying or naming the emotions.

    The situation cards are great for older toddlers and children to have to really think about how people might feel and use their empathy and emotional reasoning.

    Really pleased with this it is definitely worth the money and can be adapted for a variety of ages!

    And great customer service, super fast delivery and perfect packaging!