Dr Zigs

Hand Wand Bubble Kit

Suitable from 3 years +

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Dr Zigs

Hand Wand Bubble Kit

Suitable from 3 years +


Hand Wand Bubble Kit from Dr Zigs will have you creating big bubbles. Biodegradable, vegan, palm-oil free bubbles.

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Hand Wand Bubble Kit is the easiest way to make big bubbles.

In this kit, you get
– 100ml bottle of concentrate bubble mix
– A shapeable hand wand
– A helpful bubble guide to get the best bubbles and maximum fun.

Mix the concentrated bubble solution with warm water to create 1 litre of bubbles. It’s best to dilute the solution in a clean bowl or tub, that’s wide and shallow, this makes it easier to dip the wand.

The wand is perfect for smaller hands or those with restricted movement to hold. Bend the cotton-covered steel loop into different shapes.

Simply dip your wand into diluted bubble solution, trying not to mix it around. Let it soak for a couple of seconds. Lift it out and swoop it through the sky or blow through it. In moments you’ll be surrounded by big beautiful bubbles.

We love Dr Zigs! The bubbles they make are biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic and palm-oil free. They minimise the amount of plastic used by offering bubble mix as a concentrate. The flatpack bubbles also takes up less space in your kitchen cupboard.

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Materials and care +

Hand Wand Bubble Kit contains bubble concentrate that’s made from a secret recipe that only Dr Zigs knows 😉 but rest assured it’s biodegradable, non-toxic and vegan.
Hand wand is made from wood (sustainably sourced) and rope (unbleached, untreated cotton). Bubble bottle made from recycled plastic.
Packaged in a cardboard box.
Clean rope in water, wipe wands with damp cloth.

Peek inside the box +

1 x 100ml Bottle of 10x Super Concentrate Giant Bubble Mix (makes 1 litre)
1 x Hand Wand
1 x Sheet of bubble tips and tricks

Product Specifics +

Wand Handle Measures: 13cm Length

More Information +

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