Scrunch Frisbee – Pale Blue

Suitable from 12 Months +

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Scrunch Frisbee – Pale Blue

Suitable from 12 Months +


Scrunch Frisbee in pale blue, is a flyer that can be rolled up and squeezed into your backpack for fun days out with the kids.

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Scrunch frisbee can be rolled up, folded or scrunched into the fullest of bags. Perfect for taking to the park on a nice day.

Made of flexible silicone, means it can be sat on, packed away and thrown about (exactly what you want to do with a frisbee) and it will stay in perfect shape.

We love how lightweight and flexible this frisbee is. It means you can keep it in your bag most of the time and have a game whenever the mood takes you (and you’ve got the space of course).

You can colour coordinate your outdoor toys, Scrunch buckets, spades and other accessories come in a wide range of bold brights and muted soft colours. This frisbee is pale blue (Duck Egg Blue).

Derived from sand, this silicone bucket is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic watering cans. The manufacturing process of the silicone produces byproducts that are harmless and, in fact, useful to the environment.

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Materials and care +

Scrunch Frisbee (pale blue) is made from silicone.
Cardboard sleeve.
Holds the CE & UKCA safety marks.
Wash clean with water.

Peek inside the box +

1 x Scrunch Frisbee in Duck Egg Blue

Product Specifics +

Frisbee measures: 18 cm in diameter

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