Silicone Moulds – Yellow (Lemon)

Suitable from 12 Months +

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Silicone Moulds – Yellow (Lemon)

Suitable from 12 Months +


Silicone moulds in yellow – set of 4. Can be used as a beach toy, as a play dough accessory or even for making homemade crayons.

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Leave shapes and even footprints in the sand, snow or even play dough, with this set of four silicone moulds in yellow.

Made from flexible silicone means they can be used in lots of different ways, here are some of our ideas…

  • Fill them with water and freeze to make ice cube shapes (for sensory play)
  • Make your own homemade crayons (silicone can withstand extreme temperatures)
  • Use with play dough
  • Use them at the beach to create shapes in the sand
  • When it snows, take them outside to create unique snow shapes

Four shapes are included in the set, a footprint, dolphin, shell and crab. All come packaged in a drawstring net bag.

The footprint mould measures about the same as a newborn babies foot (9cm in length). The other shapes are similar in size.

You can colour coordinate your outdoor toys, Scrunch buckets, spades and other accessories come in a wide range of bold brights and muted soft colours. This set of mould are yellow (Lemon) in colour and make a lovely gift when combined with the Scrunch bucket and spade.

Derived from sand, these silicone moulds are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic moulds. The manufacturing process of the silicone produces byproducts that are harmless and, in fact, useful to the environment.

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Materials and care +

Silicone Moulds (yellow) are made from silicone.
Packaged in a mesh net bag.
Holds the CE & UKCA safety marks.
Wash clean with water or dishwasher.

Peek inside the box +

1 x Shell mould
1 x Footprint mould
1 x Dolphin mould
1 x Crab mould

Product Specifics +

Footprint mould measures approximately: 9 x 8.5 x 3 cm

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