Toy Ice Cream Set (Bioplastic)

Suitable from 2 years +

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Toy Ice Cream Set (Bioplastic)

Suitable from 2 years +


Have lots of fun playing shop with this sweet ice cream set. This makes it great eco-friendly toy for outdoors play in the summer.

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Have lots of fun playing shop with this sweet ice cream set.

  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor play.
  • Promotes pretend play to help develop your child’s language, social and emotional skills.
  • 12-piece set – three cones, two swirly ice cream tops in strawberry and vanilla, a double scoop topping, two cupcakes and cases, a stand to hold the ice creams and an ice cream scoop.
  • Mix and match the pieces to create different combinations.
  • Easy clean – the set is dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable from 2 years +
  • Comes packaged in recycled cardboard gift box.

Made from sugarcane BIOplastic, this means the ice cream set has lots of the positive properties of plastic, with way less negative impact on the environment. BIOplastic is 100% recyclable, so after a long lifetime of play it doesn’t have to end up in landfill. Find out more about bioplastic here.

All BIOplastic toys are certified to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a Scandinavian ecolabel that is only present on products that meet a certain set of sustainability and health criteria.



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Materials and care +

Ice Cream Set is made from sugarcane bioplastic.
Packaged in a cardboard box.
Dishwasher safe.
ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified

Peek inside the box +

3 x Cones
2 x Swirly ice creams
1 x Double scoop ice cream
2 x Cup cakes
2 x Cup cake cases
1 x Scoop
1 x Ice Cream Stand

Product Specifics +

Cones measures approximately 10cm

More Information +

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