What is Bioplastic?

Bioplastic are materials that are made from renewable, natural sources, such as sugarcane, vegetable oils and fats, corn starch, straw, wood and even feathers!

Bioplastic toys can give us the best of both worlds. They are durable, can used with water and are great for outdoor play. Whilst the majority of bioplastic toys aren’t biodegradable, they come from sustainable sources and can be recycled.

The Dantoy BIOplastic toys we stock are made from the sustainable raw material sugarcane.

Child playing with bioplastic toy truck

Sugarcane is grown on pesticide-free plantations. It’s fast growing, with the sugarcane harvested twice a year. As the sugarcane grows it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.

When your bioplastic toys reach the very end of their life, please check with your local council on how best to recycle them. We recommend taking them to your local refuse centre, if you’re unsure.

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